21 May 2020


In a particularly tough time, Bois 1920 is present. Efficient and energizing, thanks to its 70% hydroalcoholic formula, the sanitizing Lemon-flavoured perfume of Bois 1920 is […]
6 April 2020

Bois 1920 – Itruk: A perfumed oasis tale..

An explosion of freshness and brightness. The top of the fragrance is rich of luxurious and unique ingredients, Cardamom Jungle Essence Pink Pepper Jungle Essence, Juniper […]
2 April 2020

Bois 1920 – Aethereus: Summer’s desire

An explosive citrusy debut smoothed by Coconut Cream Sorbet and sustained by the soft and elegant embrace of narcotic Tuberose Accord and sensual petals of White […]
2 April 2020

Bois 1920 – Oro Nero: A mesmerising perfume

Oro Nero elevates in a misterious and bold way the olfactory notes of Oro 1920. Inside Oro Nero elegant Saffron notes blend with an intense Bergamot, […]