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The Philosophy

A collection of thirty-one, exclusive, timeless fragrances.

Each creation is an alchemy, unique in its sensations, born out of an ancient perfume culture, which is centered on the excellence of raw materials for creating new, precious versions.

These fragrances are characterized by the utmost emphasis on the smell character of the essences, conceived to last persistently.



By the union of luxurious leather birch notes

with fruity nuances of black currant and italian bergamot

an eau de parfum where the heart notes

intertwines with Rose and Moroccan Jasmine.

The bottom is completed by woody and amber notes

which highlight the unique and sophisticated personality of the fragrance.

Distills the eternal spring of our passions in a new line of exclusive fragrances that integrates the prestigious BOIS 1920 perfume collection.

If we could stop the time, 
For a very precious moment, 
to breath the perfume of life
We could see the bright sap flowing 
From the eternal spring of our passions.



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